Advantages of a digital SLR camera


One obvious advantage of a digital SLR camera is its picture quality.

We are going to go in some detail about the advantages but in essence quality is all that is to it.

What follows, in our opinion, is what enables the DSLRs to produce this fantastic quality pictures.

We mentioned some of these points when we were explaining the anatomy of a DSLR but a refresher "course" wouldn't hurt.

The ability to change the lenses at will : This is one advantage of a digital SLR camera. It is able to give you that creativity by using a specific lens for a specific shot.

High quality sensors : it is important to acknowledge the relationship between a quality image and the sensor size in a camera. Explaining this could get technical but the long and short of it is that the bigger the sensor the better the quality and digital SLR cameras have far greater sized sensors than the normal digital cameras.

Efficient optical viewfinder : this is another advantage of the digital SLR cameras. Generally digital SLRs have no LCD screen (You will, however find newer models with the preview screen), the photographer has to use the viewfinder for focus. Its advantage over the digital viewfinder (DVF) is that it does not create the eye-strain that a DVF can create. Another advantage of a digital SLR camera is that it continuously shows the image as is because it uses lenses and a prism to direct the picture from the lens right through to the viewfinder - The only time where image is not shown is during that split of a second when the image is taken.

The this continuous focus means that time lags are minimized to almost zero making it possible to capture an activity at the exact time without losing any split of a second. In digital SLRs there is a shutter that seats in front of the sensor (where the image is "recorded") so when the photographer presses the button to take the picture the shutter shifts to allow the image to be projected on to the sensor. In compact or what others call point and shoot digital cameras, there is no shutter, the image is continuously exposed to the sensor, it is electronically activated each time the photographer takes a photo. So you see the DSLR sounds old fashioned but it works and the speed is great.

This also means that the photographer can take shots for moving objects . This is a big advantage to sports photographers as they always have to capture the moment exactly as it is without blurring the image because of the movement.

The removable lenses to work in every occasion : Another advantage of the digital SLR Camera is that the lens can be changed and the photographer can attach any to suite the need. For example a different lens can be used to take a landscape photo than a portrait one. A landscape photo requires a wide-angel lens. In the same way to take a picture of small insects another lens is needed. Of course you can find auto adjustable lenses in compact digital cameras these days but rest assured, they do not move as fast as you can control one on a DSLR.

High quality photos in low light situations : Ever tried to take a picture at night with your digital SLR. If yes, the results must have been horrible. The DSLR has the capability to take high quality pictures even is situations where ambient light is not sufficient - even without the flash light. The advantage of digital SLR cameras when it comes to ISO is that even at high ISO settings they produce very little noise whereas compact digital cameras have adjustable ISO setting to alter the sensitivity of the sensor but the more the ISO levels are increased the more grainy the picture gets.

Digital SLR cameras give you full control : As a professional photographer or a budding one, you want to create an image exactly as you see it in you head. The advantage of a digital SLRC camera is that it enables you to let your creative juices to flow. Of course there are some automatic settings to the camera for those that are still getting to grips with the program.

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