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Anyone who owns a digital SLR camera can tell you how expensive this piece of equipment is. In addition to expensive, a digital SLR camera can be quite heavy and also comes with some accessories that need proper casing. .

So this is why buying the right digital SLR camera bag is as important as buying the camera itself.

A digital SLR camera bag can make all the difference for the photographer or hobbyist in terms of providing efficiency and convenience

This, however, depends on the type of digital SLR camera bag you choose. The choice is not as hard as it might look but it is more important than most people perceive it.

There are some specific features that a digital SLR camera bag should come with and there are those that are not necessary a must but can make life a lot easier. For some of these digital SLR camera bad features, it is really up to the buyer to decide what is important and what is not based on the digital SLR camera usage capacity and the risks involved as you expose the camera to rain, dust, bumpy road, rioting crowds etc.

When you buy a digital SLR camera bag the most important factor to consider is where your photography activities normally take you e.g. SLR hiking or camping and how dangerous it becomes and the weather conditions. A rugged backpack and a hard case digital SLR camera bag provides an "insurance" against unplanned events.

Some people prefer a waist pack strap to a shoulder bag, this is a matter of choice and needs so you need to make your well. One thing we can strongly recommended without being taken as a matter of opinion is the need to buy a digital SLR camera bag that combines a compact size with room for your camera and lenses.

Buy one that provides comfort

Carrying heavy equipment like a digital SLR camera kit can be tiring, so it is important to buy a digital SLR camera bag that is comfortable to wear. One that enables the tripod to be mounted upright adds to the comfort. Further more buy a bag that can be attached to your belt and must have a padded insert and an adjustable non-slip gripper strap to add to your comfort. Some of the bags available can be carried comfortably on the back and can easily rotate to the front for quick access the camera.

Storage capacity is important when choosing a digital SLR camera bag

When you buy a digital SLR camera bag, it is important to consider the storage capacity.Remember that this type of camera comes with a lot of accessories that need to be properly kept. So try to find a bag that accommodates everything - the lenses and a tripod. You can find one that has a nylon attached front pocket and One with a hidden pocket for the little things that matter like money or your keys. One of the latest digital SLR bags can also attach another small camera bag to it.

Some of the features to compare across various digital SLR cameras on sale today include, the custom design of the lid, the good ones come with a stretch-to-fit lid, release buckle strap and a laptop pocket.

The Lowepro Micro Trekker 200 Camera Bag comes highly recommended by many for its versatility, comfort and reinforced waist strap. The RoadWired Photo/Video Convertible Bag if filled with pockets, rainproof and offers an option to carry it as a shoulder bag or waist pack. The Case Logic Medium SLR Camera Bag SLRC-2
is tear- and moisture-resistant dedicated. Last but not least the Domke F-2 Original Camera Bag - Navy has twelve compartments and pockets. It includes a four-compartment padded insert and an adjustable non-slip gripper strap, which is meant for additional support.

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