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Ever wondered why you can't take clear pictures of moving images with your digital camera? Annoyed by the shutter speed that misses a very crucial moment or the terrible print outs of the images you want to use for a professional event? If you have been like some of us,

gone though these frustrating moments you probably bought another digital camera with higher mega pixels hoping to see some improvements but to no avail.

" who am I kidding, I am not a professional photographer "

It is probably true you are not a professional photographer but then again there is another reason why your digital camera is not producing those bigger than life crystal clear images you see all over the place. The reason is that most of the professional images are taken with a Digital SLR camera or DSLR. If you came to the site to find out what this is, we can safely say that you now know what a digital SLR can do i.e. more than what your digital camera can do.

For the benefit of those who need a dummy's guide to understanding DSLRs, let's start from the very beginning. A digital SLR camera stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. This type of cameras have become the top sellers in the camera market especially the prosumer editions that are halfway between professional digital SLR cameras and compact or the typical point and shoot digital camera. Basically the DSLR uses the front lens, mirrors and prism to capture the light and reflect it to the eyepiece or viewfinder. This process enables the photographer to see exactly what the end result will look like and also result in great quality pictures that a far better than the point and shoot digital cameras. Of course there are other features that make this breed of cameras great like the digital SLR sensors and lenses that make up the complete kit.

As you continue to read through this website, we will walk you through the features of a digital SLR camera and some internet marketing strategies to finding more informationation online but in short we can say that these cameras are much faster than a point and shoot digital camera, can take multiple pictures fast and can turn on within a twinkling of an eye so you don't miss a crucial moment. They have a brilliant focus, can take great pictures even under low lighting conditions and offer great depth of field and responsiveness.

As to be expected, this all translates into a high costs, which means a digital SLR camera is more expensive than a point and shoot digital camera. A good professional digital SLR camera can cost about $4000 and that is only the body, which means you would still have to buy the digital SLR lenses that come with it. You can find a good one at $1000 if you take sometime to compare prices.

It is often used by professional photographers and hobbyist because of its ability to produce images that are larger than life without compromising quality. Although it can get very complicated to explain the digital SLR, in this website we are going to do our best to explain it in a way that even a dummy can understand. You are not a dummy but there are thousands of people visiting this website and to be honest some of them need more than basics to get them going. To those, you can call this site a dummy's guide to understanding digital SLRs yet it also caters for professional DSLR users by providing content that is useful and up to speed with the market dynamics.

There are a reasonable manufacturer of digital SLR cameras but the obvious leaders are Canon and Nikon. These two produce the finest digital camera lenses. Some other manufacturers like Fuji and Kodak produce lenses that can be used on Canon and Nikon digital SLR cameras. So these are basically the top digital SLR manufactures, not to say you can not find a good camera from the other manufactures such as Leica, Minolta, Olympus , Pentax, and Sigma. It is always advisable to take you time to compare and review digital SLR cameras before you buy one.

We also provide links to a two part series in explaining digital SLR cameras. This might look like too much information but it is a good foundation to understanding how these work. It will help you understan d the little things that matter so that when you make your own comparisons later on you would feel more confident and also make the right choices. You don't want to rely on a sales consultant who has the capability to rip you off for a high commission.




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